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European mobility for education and training
Survey on the impact of Lifelong Learning Programme from 2007 to 2012

Questa pubblicazione è la versione inglese dell'indagine d'impatto condotta nel 2012 dall'Agenzia nazionale LLP per conto del MIUR. Lo studio copre tutte le azioni di mobilità nei programmi Comenius, Erasmus, leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig e Visite di Studio.
Cover20_en_2.jpg This survey on mobility actions under the Lifelong Learning Programme was commissioned to the Italian LLP National Agency by the Directorate General for International Affairs of the Ministry of Education.

In view of the new generation of European programmes 2014-2020 for Education and Training,Youth and Sport, the aim of the study was to  highlight the impact of European learning mobility  experiences on individuals as well as on their  institutions and organizations  and on national system.

The study covers all the mobility actions within the Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig and Study Visits from 2007 to 2012.

Thanks to the collaboration with the LLP Agency for Leonardo da Vinci - Isfol, it was possible to insert a chapter on the three measures of transnational mobility in education and vocational training in the framework of the Leonardo programme.

For each action, the salient data related to mobility is briefly presented  and a survey on the impact of the experiences at a personal level, the spin-off effects on the original school or institute, on the critical points and any obstacles encountered and the dissemination methods adopted, with some thoughts on the future of mobility.

The numbers on mobility for Comenius, Erasmus and Leonardo put Italy among the first European countries in terms of meaningful participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme actions, reflecting the growing interest in the opportunities offered by Europe in the field of education and training.

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