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On the Move for Learning! LLP Stories

La traduzione in inglese della pubblicazione LLP dedicata interamente alle eseprienze di mobilità: una raccolta di storie che abbraccia Comenius, Erasmus, grundtvig, visite di Studio e, grazie alla collaborazione con l'Agenzia LLP- Isfol, anche Leonardo Da Vinci.
This publication is a collection of stories: stories of Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig and Leonardo da Vinci, stories of a Europe experienced first-hand thanks to the opportunity to participate in a language exchange, in a training course, a study visit, an internship, or through a long period in a European country for study or training.

The main protagonists of the mobility experiences are young people: Upper secondary school pupils that took part in a Comenius Individual Mobility experience to study a few months in another European country, young graduates who choose to do an Assistantship with the goal of pursuing a teaching career,  Erasmus students, young people in vocational training...

LLP mobility, however, involves all stages of learning, without age barriers. There are the teachers, educators, and trainers who find in mobility for Comenius and Grundtvig In-service Training, incentives to adopt new approaches to teaching, new motivations and ways of relating to pupils and students. Some of the Grundtvig stories (adult education programme) also enphasize the role of European mobility in working with people with disabilities, and mobility devoted to seniors under the Senior Volunteering Projects.

All these people share a common feature: the desire to get involved, learn, discover, discuss, become enriched and grow, from the personal and professional point of view, and fully participate in the complexity and beauty of being European citizens.

The publication completes the work on learning mobility carried out  by the Italian LLP National Agency, with a first  survey on the impact of mobility actions under the Lifelong Learning programme: Quaderno 20 - “European mobility for education and training - Survey on the impact of LLP from 2007 to 2012”.

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